Turtle Creek Chorale

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    Jun 12, 2008 4:01 PM GMT
    Last night I saw this documentary on PBS, called "The Power of Harmony," about a group called the Turtle Creek Chorale, a gay men's choral group in Dallas. I only started watching it because, well, there isn't much gay stuff on PBS, earlier than midnight whenever there is a documentary or show like that, and I got hooked and watched the whole thing. It was really moving and I was nearly in tears a couple times, because it wasn't just about singing, it was also about how the group has survived even though they have lost more than 100 members to AIDS over the past 20-some years and how they have been a force for convincing people that gays aren't monsters or something like that, and it also showed the problems a couple of the guys, even in middle age, have with their very religious families accepting them.

    It was a really remarkable show, and it kind of reaffirmed for me the belief that i've developed, especially since hanging out at RJ and talking to some of you, that guys who are gay in places other than NY, SF, LA or my fair city are real admirable and have guts for living honestly and openly that you don't really develop in other urban centers.

    Anyone else seen the show or heard of the group or have similar thoughts?

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    Jun 12, 2008 4:12 PM GMT
    I've heard of it, and I think I saw a bit of it a couple of years ago or so (don't remember when it was made).

    The best documentaries are about more than their subject matter, but bring us to understand more about ourselves. Hopefully some people in Dallas have seen that and might consider going to see them perform.