So my leg leg is messed up in two places...

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    Jun 15, 2008 6:09 AM GMT
    I first messed up my left ankle when playing football two months ago. I kept pivoting when my cleats were planted into the ground. Not good.

    I then messed up my left quads when I was running really fast at a slight decline and then abruptly stopped. I felt this pain like a muscle all the neurons in the muscle of one of my quads involuntarily shoot into permanent firing. And it hurt so bad I was limping the rest of the night.

    Now they are okay for the most part, but I can't sprint like I used to (i.e. when you see the crosswalk is about to give the hand and you bolt to make it across) without a dull pain coming back into both the ankle and quad.

    Would you guys think this is just a stretched muscle? Or could it be internal bleeding? Would anabolic steroids help heal? How long should I stay off the "sprinting" until it should finally be healed? At what point should I visit the doctor if it doesn't fully heal?

    Thanks for any advice.

    p.s. how the fuck do i edit the title? Meant to say "left leg"
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    Jun 15, 2008 6:34 AM GMT
    You cant edit a title. Dont ask me why.

    I have a groin muscle injury. I dont feel anything from the muscle normally. But if it gets called on to do much work, then I notice it. My PT says I just have exercise that muscle to rebuild its strength. But exercising it is a bit of a tricky business. Exercise too hard and I can reinjure it. So I just have to literally feel my way in exercising and differentiate between a good amount to "pain" and too much pain.
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    Jun 15, 2008 4:45 PM GMT
    Anabolic steroids do of course help rebuild injured or wasting muscle tissue, but maybe your problem is with a tendon or other connective tissue. Maybe it is even a pinched nerve or other joint problem, so you should just see someone that can do an MRI or X-ray or something. If you have been having this for 2 months now its probably time to see a doctor. At your age I am sure it can be fixed.

    In the meantime maybe a nice massage would help.icon_biggrin.gif