Boston-Ptown ride report

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    Jun 22, 2008 5:30 PM GMT
    The weather was great yesterday for this ride. First, the ride is not flat. During the 125.8 saddle-miles, there is about 6000+feet of climbing (and about the same in descent). The hydration stops are at 30, 60, 80, 100 and 115 miles, so it is amply supported.

    We started off in Boston at 6AM, and go south through Quincy, Braintree, Plymouth, over to Sandwich, then up the cape. Most in road riding, though there is about 10 miles of trail riding.

    196 people did the ride this year. My average speed was 16.9 MPH. I did about 17 and 18 MPH for the first 5 or so hours of saddle-time, then slowed down on the trail.

    I rode most of the way with a guy named Drew. We are both climbers and enjoyed attacking the hills. He knew the route and that really helped. He paid me a nice complement at the end of the ride where there are two pretty good (steep) climbs. "Don't worry about them. The way you do with hills, you'll have no problems." (I didn't)

    I fastest riders finished the ride at 1:45. I finished about an hour later, in the top 30 riders. The last rider came in about 7:45.

    Lots of great scenery, although as we come out of Truro and see the Monument in the distance over the bay, my reaction was, "F* that's so far away!"

    I'd definitely recommend this ride for anyone. Well supported, nice people and really LGBT positive!

    The ride map/gps data/etc is available on my biking website
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    Jun 22, 2008 7:55 PM GMT
    It's a great ride. I did it about 15 years ago, and worked the rest stops for years. I've got a friend who also did it this year. Hope the thunderstorms aren't hitting Ptown now like they are Boston!