- when you hold or open a door for someone and they don't acknowledge it. "okay, it's all about you...I'm a doorman and it's an honor to do that."

- When driving on a highway w/ two lanes where it's marked "slow traffic to the right", yet local yocals and yutzes choose to drive - side by side - with other goofballs going 55 on a 65 or 70mph road. Argh. Hello, you're slowing the ENTIRE highway down significantly by your ignorance.

- Arrogance. "Me", "I" said more than 2 times in one sentence, or any social networking person who has a screen name that includes "hot", "vgl", "stud", "best", or other similar self-perceived adjective.

- Many many gym peeves, but, firstly, guys who leave their shit (towel, gloves, etc.) on a station, and go a myriad of BS... talk on their phone, walk around, go take a dump (hehe), whatever.. but you wait and wait for them to clear a station and they don't. THEN, when you use the station, they come flying out of nowhere and say "Hey! I was using that!"... um, f*ck off.

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