Tonight was one of the fucking hottest, intense, hot n' heavy experiances of my life and guess what, no sex was involved (but the desire was there). What could be that amazing? I'm in motherfuckin Ibiza, clubland of the world in my opinion, dancing for 4 hours straight (accomplishment !) Well what could of made the night better is if the courage was there to go and talk to some of the guys. Well this is where the problem comes in and I'm sure it's one everyone who has ever entered a club has had not to mention one thats seemingly mentally hard to overcome, if fear of rejection is present. So when your dancing your ass off, in a nightclub filled with ripped men dripping in sweat, how do you get the nerve to talk to them? To make it harder theres little or no indication to tell if they are gay or straight as everyone is just letting loose. To further complexity music from the three dj tables and what seemed like 100 amps makes for one drowned out attempted conversation. Lights flicker, making eye contact impossible. How do you work around it without lowering to the obvious fail safe decision of hitting the gay clubs that have little to no diversity about them.

Doozy huh ?