upper middle back strain

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    Jul 30, 2007 2:53 AM GMT
    hey folks.

    when i was a teenager I suffered a major collarbone break, and have always had a slightly weak left shoulder since.

    I am very careful in my weight training and workouts, but I find that quite regularly I get a strain right in the centre of my back, upper middle, as if you had a "crick" in your neck but a little lower down. It can be quite annoying and I have never really worked out what causes it.

    There have been times when it has definitely been accompanied by a sore shoulder, but thats not all the time.

    Any ideas/thoughts?
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    Jul 30, 2007 7:43 AM GMT
    A broken collar bone and even separated acromionclavicular joint (the joint of the collar bone meeting the shoulder blade) should not give you this kind of chronic symptons. As a matter of fact, many guys walk around with this issue. The only thing I can think about is Brachial Plexus injury...

    All the nerves supplying your shoulders, shulder blades, arms, and fingers/hands originate from your neck, and take a winding course to the sides of your neck, then under the collar bone and 1st rib bone, threads through your shoulder and under the arm pit before they supply your amrs and hands..

    If the nerve bundle, let's call it Brachial Plexus, was compressed or damaged with the fracture, you will have some symptons like what you are describing from the day of the fracture. Or, the symptons may not have been there initially but come much later after the borken bone is healed. This is because a healed fractured bone is always larger than its original size, and this enlargment can cause the Brachial Plexus to impinge.

    Furthermore, too tight of neck muscles around the sides of your neck can also impinge on the Brachial Plexus, causing something we called Thoracic Outlet syndrome.

    Since you ahve had this for a while, to definatively rule out any nerve impairments, ask your doctor toperform an Upper Extremity EMG test... They just put needles along the path of the Brachial Plexus from your neck to hands and put a mild current through the nerve to see if there is a leision, where it is on the pathway, and what type and how severe...

    Get an EMG and come back with more questions...