I can't resist posting about my experiences with trainers.

I hit my 30's, took a job where I travel, and suddenly the pounds packed on. Darned metabolism and airport food!

The first trainer I hired sorta half-worked me. Hour-long sessions, 8-12 reps, 2 sets, regimented diet plan. I saw gains in muscle ( I knew b/c I was liftime more! ), but not a single reduction in weight or body fat. After 4 months, we parted ways.

I've hired a new trainer. He's working me harder than I've ever, EVER worked before. 10 sessions and I feel like a million dollars. I'm replacing fat with muscle (bf reduced by 2%, increased tone.

I feel great. I'm hoping someday I'll develop the discipline to go a few weeks between sessions - but for right now, I don't care!