working out when on meds..

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    Jul 02, 2008 5:20 PM GMT
    Hey guys,

    i got my 4 wisdom teeth removed about 10 days ago, it was a complex procedure and it got a bit complicated at the end. I spent the first week unable to eat at all, and i went from 148lbs to 140lbs.. so i kinda faded away, at least all of the definition i had is now gone.

    I'm still taking antibiotics for the next 5 days, and i've been able to eat (smoothies/yoghurts, pasta and chicken) for the last 4 as long as i was able to open my mouth wide enough to get it in (insert sexual comment here).

    I was craving a workout, so i went to the gym yesterday and today, but i got exhausted really fast. I really need to take the lightest weights ever, and when i do some basic cardio i notice my heart rate is way up there (180 where it used to be around 140). Am i harming myself by starting to work out already or will working out not harm me ?

    thnx for some words of wisdom ;-)

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    Jul 02, 2008 6:09 PM GMT
    Your blood pressure and the fatigue have already answered that question. Give yourself a little more time. Also, consult a pharmacist to find out the effects of your meds and your workouts. That will give you a better idea about when you can start back again or what you can do in the meantime.
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    Jul 02, 2008 6:22 PM GMT
    1. Depends on the antibiotic. Some have side effects or interactions that can cause some weird stuff. When I was on flagyl for travel's diarrhea once, I discovered it makes me lactose intolerant...something it only causes in a small percentage of people who take it. So you never know with side effects.

    2. Drink extra water. Almost all antibiotics dehydrate you.

    3. Talk to your dr about when you should resume exercise.
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    Jul 02, 2008 6:43 PM GMT
    Dude, gotta rest! That kind of procedure will require you a day or two off! I know it sucks but you gotta let your body come down from the "tweaking" out it just went through!
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    Jul 02, 2008 7:16 PM GMT
    Not to mention, you should avoid anything too strenuous, you have 4 new huge holes in your head that probably aren't healed fully yet. You don't want to pop anything when doing squats or something.

    Being calorie deprived for that long, it will take you a little bit to build back up, but it should come back pretty quick once you start eating again.
    Get some weight gainer. If you don't have some already, Go to GNC, (Probably not the best, but you can have it today). just don't mix the 3 cups of powder & 3 cups milk like they say. There is no way you can drink all of that.
    Go for 1 cup powder and 1 to 1 1/2 cup milk to start, and make another if you have room. And mix with a regular blender or one of those hand held stick blenders, stirring really doesn't cut it.
    or I've also done 1 scoop weight gain, 1 scoop protein, and 2 cups milk.
    Just watch, the weight gainer is really Carb-y.

    Also hopefully you haven't been using a straw for the smoothies.

    Sorry, just read you're in Belgium, don't think you have GNCs, Hopefully you guys have something similar.
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    Jul 02, 2008 7:28 PM GMT
    hey there!

    i had my wisdom teeth extracted last year, i know exactly what you're going through. Ask me anything!

    Don't work out for another 2 weeks, you really need to give your body time to heal up, and like what previous posters have said, don't allow the holes to rupture because of the strain, and plus, you want your body to focus on healing that particular area.

    definitely drink up the protein shakes (NO STRAWS! the vacuum will rupture it too), you'll need the extra protein to promote healing. i know those helped me a LOT.

    make sure you finish ALL of the antibiotics, those will also help with the healing process.

    i know it's frustrating to be away from the gym, but you wanna make sure you recover properly from this and prevent any complications down the road.