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    Jul 02, 2008 9:33 PM GMT
    As I was reading Psychology Today Aug. '08 I came upon some interesting thing that I felt were great to share.

    All In A Name
    From punctuations to domain names, email addresses reveal aspects of personality with surprising accuracy. People who are open to new experiences use more underscores and creative noms de plume, while narcissists favor overtly self-promotional ones. In fact, recipients make better-than-chance judgments on how open, friendly, neurotic, and self-disciplined an emailer is.
    After reading that I realized most of my emails and SN's for sites tended to be either very creative (my guess was it's due to the fact i'm very artist:twisted icon_smile.gif or included underscores between 2-3.
    A few examples of my SN's or emails:

    It sorta made me think what exactly my SN's and emails reveal...icon_twisted.gif

    Another interesting tiny article was
    Touchy Feely
    If you appreciate hands-on affection from your partner, it probably has less to do with your gender or how happy your relationship is than with your personality. People who are open to new experiences like contact on noninitmate body areas more than other people; neurotics dislike initmate touch; and friendly folks like being touched all over.
    This one sorta got me thinking. I didn't really agree with it cause though i'm not a total touchy feely kinda guy, i'd rather some the one I love through phsyical things rather than words or gifts.
    What about that rest of you do you agree with it?
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    Jul 03, 2008 12:10 AM GMT
    That is interesting, I wonder what my names say about me. I pretty much agree with the touching part as i am friendly and dont mind human contact
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    Aug 30, 2008 1:18 AM GMT
    I am not a friendly person.