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    Jul 03, 2008 11:18 AM GMT
    hey, fella's, got a question for you. does my age and testosterone levels have anything to do with the amount that i shoot? as far as i know, my testosterone level is within the normal range, but i am 54.(I do have a fair amount of pre-cum, sometimes, dripping onto the floor when sexually excited)

    my boyfriend, 18 years younger, can shoot more than any man i have ever met. and he shoots a very good distance. when performing oral, i can expect to have my mouth filled, on average, three- five times with pre-cum and cum, to swallow.(last week, it was 8 mouth-fuls, total..he was really

    i shoot about a tablespoon,sometimes more, and never very far. last time i shot any distance, was about 6 months ago, and that was over my shoulder. don't get me still feels awesome, and he has never complained, but just curious. know his big loads are a real turn on for me. i have read that you need to drink more fluids, ie. water and fruit juices. have done that but not sure if it has helped any-

    and it doesnt seem to matter, that i hold off for several days between orgasms. about the same five days later, as the next day..or even the evening of the same day. I 'recupperate' quickly and stay hard for extended periods of time, but just not "putting out" like i would like.

    appreciate any input you can direct my way, and info may help others with same issue. thank you in advance-
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    Jul 13, 2008 6:31 PM GMT
    Don't worry about the size of the load, or the shooting distance.

    If you can cum at least twice a day, you got plenty of load to shoot.

    Play safe, and keep it hard