hey everyone
just putting a late ( 2:55 am!) forum post up. Just wanted to inform everyone that i uploaded a song i wrote in remembrance for Lawerence King. I was not only so angry that he was killed but that his death remains both forgotten and unknown among members of both the gay and straight community. Obviously many people DO remember this and have reacted with various outpourings of love. Anyways, this was my little attempt at doing something out there and trying to let everyone know that they're not alone. I tried to be unbiased in my view of the two boys as best as i could. The end is more about my connection with identifiying with the feelings that kids ( especially glbt youth and anyone suffering straight or otherwise) within the american school system. I also updated my myspace with other songs and will when i return from a needed vacation. Hope this doesn't bother anyone and helps keep the memory alive. It's entitled " no escape" in my music section