Word to the wise. I'm finding there's a certain, highly agile breed of "snake-hipped" bottom boy out there so determined to have bareback sex, against a prudent man's expressed wishes, that he resorts to sneaky tricks.

These tricks include turning the lights down and removing or damaging the condom during sex, so skillfully you hardly know it's happening.

There's also that "venus fly trap" maneuver where he employs "micro-flex" movements and near vacuum-like suction to practically suck the "not yet wrapped" sausage between his buns during foreplay. Close enough may be too close for comfort.

I've been in compromising situations on more than one occasion, with nearly disastrous results. I've been lucky for sure, and I am increasingly vigilant nowadays.

Better "wrap yourself before you trap yourself." Just one more booty call will do.

Play safer!