As we float through these warm weather months and I continue my recovery from the devastating affects of Toronto Gay Pride, I am drawn to the peace and breezy solitude of the patios fronting various bars, restaurants, coffee shops and bistros in the Gay Village.

Unfortunately some of the loudest and most annoying of our gay conversation "stylists" have gotten the same idea. I call them the "Patio Divas." You've seen and heard them commenting on the attributes and "attitude" of every passerby. They speak in those broadcast tones that drown out your own thoughts.

Some of the venues have patios along the sides of the establishment, wrapping around the front, requiring patrons to walk the entire length of the outdoor sitting areas to reach the entrance, to the disapproval (or delight) of the divas.

Lately I've taken to bringing my iPhone to the patios, to browse RJ profiles as a diversionary tactic. But now the "Patio Divas" are on to me, they want to know who these hot RJ guys are, and they've already psychoanalyzed a number of members.

One startling trend I have observed is the escalating number of gay couples, male and female, strolling past the patios to show off their newborn babies. And I mean newborns, not toddlers. The "Patio Divas" gush with admiration at these "newest additions" to our community: "Oh Charles and David. I guess we won't be seeing the two of you at the club this weekend! You've got your hands full!"

Where the babies actually came from (in a manner of speaking), I couldn't begin to guess?

But I suppose if I "got one" too (that's the thing now) I'd join the parade, past the patios.icon_cool.gif