I realize this book has been around for years - I actually purchased it in 2004, hence the receipt I found in the front cover... LOL.

Started the program last week. Six month cycle, wondering if anyone else has used this program in the past - if so, what gains / losses pros / cons ect?

I took a vacation from the gym for some time. I started back up a couple of months ago. Completed two rounds of the realjock muscle building routines. With great success I made some significant strides. However, I recently hit a plateau.

SO I pulled this old book out. I started at the intermediate level - the rest periods between workouts are day(s) so I'm anxious since coming off of the muscle building routines on realjock. What a change from daily workouts to three times a week for the next few months. It does indicate to modify the workout based on ones recovery.

So if anyone has any feedback relating to this publication / workout manual I would welcome your opinions/thoughts. His (Ian King) has a couple of FAQ's but no real user feedback or pics.