Recently did an interview for my website about the GFSN League (Gay Football Supporters' Network).

Have a read and let me know what your thoughts are please x

TeenAreaForget Manchester United and remember names such as; Birmingham Blaze, Village Manchester and Yorkshire Terriers. They are just some teams from a league for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) men and women.

A recent poll conducted on a website found 93% of fans currently think football is no place for homophobia in football, whilst 60% wants homosexual players to be brave and come out.

There are currently over 5,000 pro-footballers in Britain alone, yet despite that poll - none of them are openly gay.

GFSN formed in 1989, the Secretary of GFSN (Gay Football Supporters' Network) Allan Simpson, spoke exclusively to TeenArea about LGBT people in football and GFSN’s future aims.

The mission of GFSN is simple; Allan said “We are interested in creating the right conditions in football that would make it possible for a footballer to come out, whilst being keen to avoid the large amount of media hype related to this issue.”

He continued, “I can entirely understand why players are advised against coming out because it’s a massive risk and a distraction because they would receive so much coverage from the media. Not only that, but players must fear that in coming out, they would hand a gift to opposition fans and players.”

The league which is known as the GFSN League currently has three divisions, holding five teams each. Also each season many teams compete in the GFSN National Cup which has eighteen teams in all.

Despite it being setup over a decade ago (2002), Allan says the league is still important; “We still hear plenty of stories from players who have felt uncomfortable of being themselves or been the subject of homophobic abuse at mainstream clubs.”

The league also lets straight players join the league, “It wouldn’t be fair for us to exclude anyone from our league, just like it would be unthinkable for LGBT players to be banned from other leagues.”

In the 2010/2011 season, Trowbridge Tigers FC became the first straight team to enter a gay league. The side were promoted the same season but have since been relegated back to Division 2.

The GFSN haven’t just been involved in the cup and league, they have also participated in many highbrow LGBT issues within football with members of the GFSN attending a summit at 10 Downing Street. Also the organisation claims celebrities, players and referees are aware and supporting them.

The Gay Football Supporters' Network aims to gain strength in the coming three years which could see the league find a sponsor.

Allan stated they hope to develop GFSN's activities for its football fan members; "We want to encourage further non-playing activities at local level such as social events and attending matches at professional clubs."

He continued; “We also hope to assist the FA and other bodies in delivering a LGBT Action Plan, whilst ensuring that the current momentum is maintained.”

The organisation is keen to get more volunteers involved which include administrators, organisers and players.

To join or find out more about the GFSN League you can email Allan on or you can visit the GFSN Website for local team contacts.