It's fun to go to the gym alone, focus on your goal, and get it done.
- Sometimes it's great to meet up and train with someone that has just as much passion as you.
- Nothing is better than a training partner/group that holds each other accountable and motivate each other to make progress.
- It makes those rest periods between sets much more fun.
- I've also felt awkward walking into the Group Exercise Classes and not knowing anyone there (usually there are regulars - you know?).
- Even if you don't train together it's nice to have someone that's on the same page (and a part of the same gym) as you.

So I decided to put out a call to all NYSC members that are Real Jock members to make that connection. I'm sure this can work [::crosses fingers::]
What NYSC location(s) & times do you typically go? How often? Whats your goal/focus? Do you take any of the group exercise classes? Are you looking for Training Buddies? Anything else you would like to add...
Someone once said that people on RJ like "real life meetups". This would be a great chance to do just that. We should gang up and take over an exercise class lol. Imagine 10 RJ members in RJ shirts during Hip Hop Funk lol.

[I'm not particularly sure why this ended up in "Group Activities" because it's not specifically a group Activities thread... but I'm sure I originally posted it in this forum. So eh... I decided to post it where I originally intended for it to be. Hopefully the mod gods that govern RealJock won't strike me down for it lol]