Is raising a family [having children] a spiritual experience?

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    Jun 03, 2012 6:42 PM GMT
    When a man's first child is born, it is a moment that changes the man into a father forever. To be a father is a great spiritual experience, as it brings great responsibility, and goal orientation in life. It brings purpose to a man's life. He sees in his child how he himself grew up and renders all his efforts to protect his child from all harm he may have gone through. So much mental and physical effort does discipline the soul, and bring maturity, and strength.

    In my opinion, the function of the male human is to bring and raise progeny on earth. It is such an integral, innate, intrinsic characteristic of being male.

    From this perspective, it is clear that having children, or even just adopting orphans and raising them can be of immense benefit.
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    Jun 03, 2012 11:45 PM GMT
    Well it's my first ever post on this forum, might as well jump into the deep end right?

    Yes, it's true. Being a Father will change your life forever. I have 4 kids, and they were the best part of my life. However, to say it's like some blanket thing that every man should do? Um no.

    It takes no effort to creat a prodgeny - one twitch. Being responsible for that human you created, huge. Sadly a job that far too many simply phone in, and THAT should be criminal. Worse yet an ever growing segment that just walks away pretending it never happened, abandoning the child forever.

    Personally I think birth control both male and female should be mandatory in puberty not to be un-done until such time as the party that wishes to be a parent can prove they are competent to be one. It's absurd we require people to be licensed to drive a car, yet any ignoramus and his receptacle can drag an innocent child to hell.

    I don't care how it sounds, some people should NEVER be allowed to procreate or adopt.