Weekly Standard reporting on Politico story. Both links provided.


Roger Simon has an interesting and amusing piece at Politico http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0612/77037.html about Bill Clinton's recent shenanigans undercutting Barack Obama. Its only problem is its premise, captured in its title: “Bill Clinton out of control on 2012.” But that's not the case. It's in fact perfectly evident that Bill Clinton is very much in control with respect to 2012: He wants Barack Obama to lose, and is helping that cause.

He wants Obama to lose not primarily, I think, because it probably opens the door wider for Hillary in 2016, but for two other more important (to him) reasons:

1). An Obama reelection loss would leave Clinton as the only twice-elected (i.e., successful) Democratic president since FDR.

2). Obama often disses Clinton, explaining that equality, family income, general well-being in America have suffered in the last three decades or so. Who was president during most of one of those decades, Clinton must think to himself as he grinds his teeth? In Obama's recounting of recent American history, Clinton tends to be a hapless parenthesis between Reagan-Bush and Bush II. This account presumably doesn't sit well with America's 42nd president, and he's therefore cheerfully doing his best to see to it that Mitt Romney becomes America's 45th in November.