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"Obama has held more re-election fundraisers than previous five Presidents combined as he visits key swing states on 'permanent campaign'" (

President Obama’s campaign is increasingly focusing its fundraising efforts on California, where Obama on Wednesday will make his third trip in a month to attend five fundraisers.

Silicon Valley and Hollywood are Obama’s hottest spots to raise money, and the spigots have opened wider since Obama last month went public with his personal endorsement of gay marriage, which went over particularly well with California donors.

The president’s trip on Wednesday will be his 16th visit to California since entering office.

To be sure, the Golden State has always been a major cash machine for Democratic candidates — and even some Republicans. Sixteen of Obama’s top bundlers — including DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg — hail from California. But the state’s importance to the president has increased as Wall Street has cooled to Obama because of his attacks on Mitt Romney’s private-equity background at Bain Capital.
“California has always been the go-to, but it’s becoming that way more than ever this cycle,” said Chris Lehane, a Democratic consultant based in the Golden State.

While Obama might be losing support among investment bankers and hedge fund managers, he’s tapping into the munificence of Silicon Valley, where business has continued to prosper under his presidency, Lehane said.

“At some level you have concern from Wall Street donor types about this president’s approach to private equity, and what it has generated is a stronger interest in cultivating money from California, and specifically the tech community,” Lehane said. “Whatever the level of drop-off from Wall Street, he’s more than made up for it with [the support] he’s gotten from the tech base, San Francisco and Hollywood.”