YEP! She is back with her second single from her 4th album Rabbits On The Run

Hear the Bells is about clarity, enlightenment. It is song map about the journey of someone who is seeking out a remedy. But remedies lie within us. That is powerful and true but not always obvious. I hope the song is a reminder. In society the sound of a bells marks an important time, whether from a church tower or a chime in a garden.

This visual clip is the most revealing video I’ve ever done thus far. Re-teaming with Jake Davis and his team was fluid and an inspired experience. It was filmed at my house in New York. The place where I wrote the song. Doing a video for this song was Jake’s idea and I’m really happy he pushed me to do it. It is a reveal of my history woven in with the story of a reclusive woman based on little edie of grey garden. An eccentric and wonderful lady who rarely left her house. I believe we are our own fortune tellers.