The time has come and I've made up my mind to move to Chicago! I can't wait to get there. There are, however, a few last minute things I need to get cleared up. I want to be moving in the next 3-4 weeks.

Main Concern: I need to iron out a job before I move permanently. I don't feel comfortable moving without one. Problem is, most people don't want to consider me until I'm there in person. Hopefully, I'll be going up for a few days before the move to pound the pavement. Anyone have any job tips/prospects? I'm moving to Chicago to pursue my acting career, so I'm mostly looking at retail and bartending jobs. Anything that lets me pay the bills and gives me the flexibility to work on my career is great.

Second Concern: Roommate Wanted! I have a wonderful friend who will be joining me in Chicago at the end of Summer. She's almost as awesome as I am! We are looking for a third person with whom to share a 3 bedroom in Andersonville. We're both creative, sarcastic folks who like to laugh and have a good time out or with friends.

Third Concern: I know 2 (count 'em) 2 people in Chicago. I'm a sociable guy and I'd love to get to know some folks in the area for when I arrive. I hear such great things about Chicago! Someone wanna show me the city?

Any advice you can offer would be great. This is all such a whirlwind. I can't wait to finally be there and get settled.