Washington Post - Kathleen Parker on Obama - Nobody likes a loser

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    Jun 10, 2012 11:08 PM GMT
    Ms. Parker had been labeled by some as a conservative, but according to conservatives she has been more of a moderate.


    Excerpts only:

    For the past year, we’ve been relentlessly reminded that Republicans didn’t especially love their front-running presidential candidate.

    Mitt Romney wasn’t conservative enough, they said. He flip-flopped. He couldn’t connect with everyday Americans. He was too squeaky-clean. He’s a “conehead,” according to one analyst.
    Now it appears Obama is getting a taste of Romney’s stew. Democrats seem to be inching away from their man, undermining and diminishing the president with a thousand tiny cuts. Not even his strongest alleged ally, Bill Clinton, can stay on message. Of course, Clinton has never really been Obama’s friend, despite his assertions to the contrary.

    Does Clinton think that Obama has been a good president? Of course not. He thinks that he was a good president and that his wife would have been better than Obama. In 2008, when Clinton infamously dismissed Obama’s imminent primary victory in South Carolina by noting that even Jesse Jackson had won there, he was showing his true colors. Translation: Obama won because he was black, not because he was the best candidate.

    Clinton’s intended point that African Americans vaulted Obama over the bar wasn’t false. African Americans constituted more than half of all South Carolina primary voters, and 78 percent of them voted for Obama. Even so, the observation could have been left unsaid.

    Recently, Clinton has expressed similarly true observations that he might have kept to himself. If, that is, he were truly interested in helping Obama get reelected. In one television interview, Clinton praised Romney’s “sterling” business record, the same one Obama has been criticizing. In another, he said the Bush tax cuts may as well be extended since it isn’t likely that a large debt-reduction plan will be considered until after the election. This wasn’t exactly an endorsement of the tax cuts, but it wasn’t precisely on the same page as the president either.

    In what is becoming a trend, the Obama campaign moved swiftly to explain and contain. In a cruel twist, the narrative has emerged that Ol’ Bill may be getting just a bit dotty. A Politico story quoted Clinton “associates” who asserted that the former president, while mentally sharp, is, you know, well, getting older.

    “He’s 65 years old,” said an unnamed adviser, as though that explains everything. Sixty-five is hardly teetering on the brink of senility, though people of a certain age do have a charming, devil-may-care way of saying what they really think and letting the chips fall.

    Dominoes, anyone? The chips, indeed, are beginning to fall. They fell in Wisconsin, where Democrats failed to unseat Gov. Scott Walker in the recall election. Not incidentally, Obama was MIA in the run-up to the election. Might he have sensed that things would not go well for Democrats and thus decided to step out of the frame? When the going gets tough, the survivors vamoose.

    All of which is to say, Obama has had a bad couple of weeks. Job numbers are still lousy, and the Supreme Court may soon drop a daisy cutter on the president’s signature achievement, the Affordable Care Act.

    But the fact that Obama’s surrogates can’t stick to the script may be the best barometer of his perilous incumbency. In the political jungle, where people tend to be more Darwinian than divine, he is wounded and the pack is beginning to turn. Former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell, who could be a hockey mom if he wore lipstick, recently told CBS’s Charlie Rose that Hillary Clinton would have been a better president.

    Yes, that is blood you smell.

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    Jun 10, 2012 11:44 PM GMT
    I'm beginning to wonder if the tide against Obama is much stronger than once believed. I'm not really hearing a whole lot of Pro-Romney, but I am definitely hearing a lot of anti-Obama
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    Jun 10, 2012 11:59 PM GMT
    David Axlerod in an exclusive interview has described a new initiative for the Obams reelection team. The key word is agility, the ability to respond proactively to changing events. The concern is the increased support for Romney among women, a key Democratic constituency. Axlerod stated the campaign to turn religious freedom on contraceptives into a GOP War on Women was initially successful, but only short-lived. Rush Limbaugh helped the cause, but did not ultimately keep the campaign successful.

    Axlerod stated a new campaign focus will look to expand the penetration to a group that has already been overwhelmingly loyal to Democrats. That group is the group of dead people. These people are your parents, grandparents, and departed friends. You respected them before. Don't they deserve the same respect now? Axlerod emphasized "Dead People have rights too." Axlerod acknowledged the Department of Justice is effectively part of the Obama Relection Committee, and Holder will vigorously oppose Voter ID laws, even using the FBI to intimidate opponents. The primary concern is dead people don't photograph well and might not be motivated to get the IDs.