How do you guys react towards hiphop guys?

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    Jun 11, 2012 5:39 PM GMT
    I like hip-hop.

    I'm not into it's dress style.
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    Jun 11, 2012 5:51 PM GMT
    Rap and Hip-Hop are two totally different things. Rap is an element of hip-hop, meaning just a part. You write an intelligent or non intelligent rhyme and BOOM your a rapper! Hip-Hop is the culture which contains break dancing (bboying), rapping, graffiti, and DJing. Whether we as people want to change it for better or for worse is up to us...and we can clearly see where we took this cultureicon_rolleyes.gif

    However there are those even to this day that put some realness into the culture, Drake, Lupe, Eminem, and other underground rappers who take a stand and prove that the men in hip-hop are more than pimps, pants-saggers, and misogynistic "bitch" fuckers
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    Jun 11, 2012 6:18 PM GMT
    as long as you're not sagging it's cool
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    Jun 11, 2012 8:35 PM GMT
    hip hop like the gsy community is diverse'

    I doubt the music you listen to is gangster rap, you are most likely on the side of R&B...aka rhythm and blues, soul, with a little bit of rap in there.

    Mainstream R&B isnt very bad, with indelicate language towards people or groups if at all.

    If you really look at it, certain people have a huge gay fanbase and are glad..aka Nicki Minaj, who is currently the best Rapper, R&B, Hip Hop artist at the time.

    "Most Gay guys" in which you said would not dislike that, because when you think of the true foundation of hip hop it is

    Poetry, Dance, Music, and Art.

    Just in a more urban sense.

    Also, as an African American, I dress in hip hop manner, but never do I sag. Also hip hop fashion is, urban and trendy,

    WHere I am from, Ralph Lauren Shirts, Gucci shoes, are considered part of hip hop style.

    Baggy Pants, and Tall Tees, etc are more so Gangsta and Thuggish/strett style more than hip hop, It seems very hard to distinguish the two..but if you ever decide to watch a fashion show than watch rip the runway. A black fashion show based on hip hop style. Its clean , crisp and edgy and fashion

    I truly think you are overthinking it. It kinda seems like a bit of stereotyping is thrown in here, but alot of gay people like lil wayne and beyonce.

    Your not the only one. Good music, is universal.
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    Jun 11, 2012 9:08 PM GMT
    I feel like this is need in soo many ways, if you are looking at hip hop as a basis of rap and rap only along with the stigma that yomes with it, you guys are finding the stereotype to fit correctly. I feel like those of you who are being so damn judgmental are still failing to see all of hip hop for what it is.

    YES, this is considered hip-hop

    This is as well (this is the "style" I am more familiar with as far as clothing and music choice and yes house is now considered a style of hiphop)
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    Jun 11, 2012 9:13 PM GMT
    vinny42 saidgeez thx, didnt expect that many replies that fast.

    But i gotta say im suprised by ur answers. First off i dont need people to tell me what is good or bad rap or how to live it or not loool, ive done my research guys its just funny to see people post some Pete Rock or talking about lil wayne....

    Second, didnt think gay people would be that superficial and judging, i guess i was wrong. Fuck this world is complicated, not only is it hard to fit in when ur gay, but it looks harder when u listen to a hip hop...

    From what i get here, i feel like most oof you guys (obviously) dont really know what rap is, and its fine, but what i didnt expect was their negative reaction towards it. U dont like it, u dont listen, u dont go out in public website to demonstrate ur uncalled hate lol.

    Anyways, thx alot for evrything u guys said, opened up my eyes a bit.

    You'll find very quickly that gays are just as close-minded people as the rest of world. A lot of hypocrites that speak on equal rights for everyone and we will accept as you are but will easily drop that notion so quickly. I'm not saying that all are like this but there are a lot of guys out there who resemble this trait. So it's not surprising to me. Le Sigh.
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    Jun 11, 2012 9:14 PM GMT
    vinny42 said
    ja89 saidOk so I feel the need to educate you (and some others) on hip-hop and my perspective. I'm not here to attack just forming an opinion... so there are 2 different perspectives on hip hop. The one where you just described where it's mostly influenced by the rappers and media. The other perspective is what I have live by and am apart of. Hip-hop isn't just about the rappers there is a whole community dedicated to it. The baggy clothes and "thuggish" looks you describe isn't real hip-hop. To be honest not one single person involved in the hip-hop community, fits what you've described (that I've met). Also, there are soo many elements to hip-hop to where you can't sect into just rappers and hood-rats. and mostly what you hear on the radios isn't really hip-hop (pop-hop is what I call it). Find some underground artists and you will see a whole different side to the culture.

    I know that this is all besides the OP's point. so to answer the question, I react the same with any of them. I welcome them with open arms and try and gain a new friend in the hip-hop scene. You can never have too many friends. As far them being gay or straight, i put that in the back of my mind. i rather hold close ties with these people as friends then make it messy by asking if they would want to date.

    If u wanna test out my knowledge let me know ! haha im sure i gotta a thing or two u could learn from me ! ;)

    You're on icon_smile.gif I'm open to learning people's perspectives and what know in general.
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    Jun 11, 2012 9:34 PM GMT
    Love hip-hop and the the culture. It about love and community and spreading that message.

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    Jun 11, 2012 9:50 PM GMT
    If I see someone walking down the street in hip hop fashion/clothing I just look at them and think, "Oh they are into hip hop." I only judge them if they have their pants down too low below the but, looking like jail bait and if they're speaking disrespectfuly(or offenseive clothing decals,words). Then I think they are not educated and probably rebellious idiots who are what I like to call "mindless followers". But even more so what matters to me is what comes out of their mouth when you hear some of them talking. I can handle some ebonics, I can even handle some broken english or poor educated dialect. But I think what bothers me the most is when you hear a curse word in every other sentence and the "N" word repeatedly. For those drawn to it, Hip hop music and lifestyle effects the youth of all races and nationalities, and can be done in a good way with a good message, sadly the more popular form of it is in its offensive/rebellious form. However, I have seen some really hot guys in hip hop fashion and who I'd classify as trying to "act hard" not necessarily intimidating, but cute. You can wear baggy pants but they dont need to be hanging below your but crack. I just am a bit tired of the ignorance that seems to be right along with the hip hop culture these days. LIke they just do things ignorantly of its orgins or meaning and think its "cool". If only they would research where things came from and why. Getting into the fashion/lifestyle really starts in youth coupled with the feeling of wanting to belong to something and/or peer pressure and/or upbringing environment. Its the tribal nature need in humanity to want to belong to something important..a group, a sense of identity. Gangs do it for protection, identification, power and a false sense of family. For some its just personal expression. I think it wont get you a job in the corporate world. and if definately wont get the judge to take your case seriously. But like goth and heavy metal fashion, hip hop is just another fashion which is usually abandoned after adolescence or education. A lot of older rappers today wear a tie now or take on a casual look. For the fashion gangsta types, if you really want to be a hip hop-gangsta, wear a suit and tie, Cappone did. Ok I'll wrap this up in saying to each his own. Its definately not something that I find immediately attractive in a guy.
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    Jun 11, 2012 9:52 PM GMT
    Good hip-hop:

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    Jun 11, 2012 10:02 PM GMT
    I like some hip-hop records; but it's another generation's music, not mine. I prefer the Beatles. My mother liked some Beatles records, but it wasn't her music.

    I don't like saggy-baggy pants: I'd rather see a nice butt in pants that fit better.

    But I don't think I judge kids who wear hip-hop fashions. When I was their age, I was wearing shiny synthetic-fabric shirts, double-knit bell-bottom pants and platform shoes. Every generation has its fashion fads: it comes with the territory of being young. I have a feeling that in 35 years, the baggy-pants boys will look at photos of themselves and laugh - just as I laugh at 18-year-old me in those silly platform shoes.
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    Jun 11, 2012 10:12 PM GMT
    Dallasfan824 said
    mybud saidI ask em if the chicken tastes like wood...........

    icon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gifnot sure how many people are going to get that.

    Are you guys having soggy macaroni or what? icon_rolleyes.gif
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    Jun 11, 2012 10:16 PM GMT
    mortal12 saidHip Hop is a rapidly evolving genre. Since i'm a 90's baby this is what first comes to mind when I think of hip hop. Listen to the story being toldicon_biggrin.gif

    T.R.O.Y -They Reminisce Over You


    Love that song!! that sample is fucking legendary...

    Just have to post one of the baddest songs/beats ever made in my opinion:


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    Jun 12, 2012 10:39 PM GMT
    I'm guilty... for that being a turn on to me.

    I don't judge anyone on anything and if your taste in music is different than mine, I'm sure there is a common ground. I like almost anything and oddly enough the music I like the least is probably rap/hip hop and by "like the least" I mean not really delve deeper into the music and the songs, you know go looking for songs and whatever. And trust me, I have a huge range of taste from classical to hard rock/metal to Broadway musicals to country to contemporary rock to pop.
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    Jun 12, 2012 10:59 PM GMT
    dude, i love hip hop. there aren't that many artist that uses gay slurs. however, i do not really listen to many of the artist out today. i can count on one hand the guys i listen to.
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    Jun 13, 2012 3:54 AM GMT
    TheBizMan said
    Dj1990 saidI find hip hop very annoying and I generally try to avoid anyone who listens to it.

    You avoid them just because they LISTEN to it? icon_neutral.gif

    dude just shut up and stroke my hair....gently