Is It Possible To Enjoy Sex With This Problem?

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    Jun 12, 2012 3:31 AM GMT
    I am gay but I have hemorrhoids and fear I won't be able to enjoy myself and satisfy someone due this. Last problem I have is I have gag reflex and fear I won't be able to satisfy someone with oral sex. Do you think these 2 problems are not even a big deal or any advice how to stop them? Also reason why I am more concerned about this is I am bottom and if were a top I wouldn't really care
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    Jun 12, 2012 2:11 PM GMT
    I am a bottom and have a similar problem when it comes to anal sex. I have chronic prostatitis, which is possible to cause discomfort when a penis gets into my ass.

    I'm still a virgin and worry that I will never enoy bottoming due to my prostate issueicon_sad.gif

    As for your gag reflex, can you try to overcome it? If you will have to forgo bottoming due to you hemorrhoids, a least you have another "hole" to satisfy your partner, right?

    I have never sucked a penis before, but I remember I gagged a lot when I sucked a dildo for the first time. However, I kept practicing, trying to manage my breath and take it slow, now I don't gag anymore and actually quite enjoy it.
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    Jul 26, 2012 1:27 PM GMT
    i am lost as to how all these virgins have come to the conclusion that they are all bottoms.

    anywho to asnwer your question, imo, haemerroids are gonna hurt, but your gag reflex will adjust the more you ...well...."practice".
    my partner was similair when we met he went almost 15 years with ever sucking dick poor thing. hes all good now though, i am one of the lucky ones with virtually no gag reflex at all. my party trick as a teenager was getting a shaved cucumber down to my lips.

    yes i was a classy guy, really upmarket type, shame the youth of today tut tut. lol.

    yea so just dont stress too much no one who matters is gonna care too much if they need to be gentle for a bit or something, just dont go having crazy one nighters to test the theory lol.