I currently have a friend I am overly interested in, but the problem is that he does not know I am gay. I can feel his attraction nonetheless. Here is my "proof" based on body language:

-we linger and keep strong eye contact
-we smile at each other longer than usual
-his pupils dilate frequently when we are speaking and looking at each other
-he has found reasons to touch me, and at one point smell me(that sounds weird)
-we can speak about anything, and I believe he wants to be around me frequently
-he wants me to go away with me on a trip
-he has given me a present spontaneously
-he stretches in suggestive ways as if to show off his body(which is godly)
-he has only had one girlfriend and in 18 years is a little questionable
-he always finds a way to make fun of me( not in the mean way but jokingly)

My problem is whether or not these clues are telling me he is interested. If he is, then I can further our relationship and take the initiative.