Hey Guys,

When I was 18 till about 26 I was Top/Versatile and for some boyfriends I was Top. From 26 onwards I became Bottom/Versatile which is what I am now.

I would really like to be in a place where I can be completely versatile and its really bringing me down that I am not there.

I suffer from performance anxiety when I know beforehand that I am expected to top, other times if I am not aware of the guys vibe I can top him no problem. So sometimes I can't get hard when I need to top other times I can other times I get soft during or can't cum.

I truly enjoy being top and bottom but I am scared of not performing so I always meet tops online. In sauna's I seem to be fine at being top because I don't know beforehand until it literally happens that he is bottom.

I was thinking of getting pills and take it before meeting a few bottoms to gain confidence but not sure what to do.

I find that there are more and more bottoms on grindr and most of them are very fit and keen to meet up with me but I chicken out. I just want to be able to meet up with any guy that I am attracted to and be able to go with the flow. I want to meet up with exclusive bottoms because I find them to be very fit and smooth etc.

Please help! :-/