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    Jul 29, 2008 8:35 PM GMT
    Dear Realjock fellas,

    It's been such a treat to be a part of a site where most guys are so kind and positive. I try and maintain the same mantra, and it's been a great experience thus far.

    A little about me: I'm a runner and have been since freshman year of high school where I ran cross country and still compete to this day. While I don't run for University, I do run on my own every day and train for races that I know will challenge me.

    Unfortunately, I have never been able to have the defined chest and abs that I see so many other bean-pole runners possess that I train with. They are probably doing something I haven't picked up on and I was hoping maybe you all could tell me what to do, and also help me to monitor my progress!

    I think it would be awesome if anyone would be willing to help me through it, especially if you have a background in running.

    Thanks so much,

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    Jul 30, 2008 9:58 PM GMT
    In my experience, and this is just what I have seen first-hand, the keys to getting bigger have been:

    1. Diet - Low fat, high protein and an excess of calories versus what you are burning.
    2. Exercise - High weight, low rep.
    3. Motivation - Have to make sure that you're making it into the gym and specifically doing weight training several times a week if you want to gain mass.

    The other tidbits I focus on are:

    One of my workouts every week focuses on my legs...I seem to remember reading about a study that suggested weight training their legs added a significant % of muscle gain versus people not working out their legs with weights.

    I focus 90% of my time on weight lifting and about 10% on cardiovascular activity. I was told by a trainer a few years ago that *in general* if you do a lot of cardio someone with my body-type is going to burn muscle before I can build it.

    It sounds like since you are such an avid runner you might need to tone that down and find an alternative outlet for your energy...maybe this can be weight training, maybe you need to find another alternative.

    I saw an article on this site a few weeks ago that specifically focused on building up your chest and I liked what I read...I believe the current featured article is on building up your core/abs. So you should have all the resources you need... ;)