All right, guys, to commemorate Father’s Day, here’s a Fun Kid Trick that you can try yourself.

Go for a stroll with your two young children. (You do have two kids, don’t you?) As you’re walking along, hand in hand, one kid on each side of you, you gently swing your arms forward and out and then back around, all in a smooth circular motion. This will cause the kids to execute little pirouettes, with the kid on your right twirling clockwise, and the one on your left twirling counterclockwise. Between the ages of about 4 and 7, the kids are powerless to resist—-they’ll involuntarily and simultaneously take little steps with their little feet to trace little circles. You then continue walking hand in hand . . . or you do it again!

I remember walking my two boys to school and doing this as we crossed the street. On one occasion I was able to pull off a couple of these twirls in succession. Beyond age seven or so, once they get wise to what Dad is trying to do and are strong enough to resist, the kids will refuse to comply. (“Daaad, stop!”) Brings a smile to my face every time I think of it.