A man and a woman are joined in love, and in that union a child is born. The couple care for this child, with great and unconditioned love.The child is raised in love, tolerance, and far removed from the iniquities of the past. Unity, instead of segregation, tolerance instead of condemnation, love instead of the demonetization of the individual.
Soon seasons come and go as the pendulum of the clock swings to mark the passing of time, and innocence is lost to a future of possibilities and uncertainty. Now a man the child realizes sometimes he had never seen before... an allure for mirror image of his own composition. At first easily dismissed, but as time progresses as with all things in life its intensification
came without doubt, and despair befell his countenance, for it is easy to tolerate others, rather the self, to love others, and relinquished selfish desires, but when afflicted with that with is the object of your tolerance, and love. the love, and tolerance transmogrifies into a dilemma.

The Child now a man faces a dilemma pass down from the ages...

God is not a God of Liars
If I were to follow into societies influence and marry into a union with a woman without loving her would I not live a lie? So for the pure satisfaction of the general community I would be an example, but in my heart I would be lying, and when God comes and searches my heart he will not, that I lied throughout my life....

God is not a God of Fornicators
Should I choose to go with my instincts which for others is "unnatural" for me seems to be the most natural option, would I be denied into a holy union with the person I love, and we would be forced to remain without it then turning us into "fornicators" before the eyes of heaven....

God is not a God of Sodomites
Should I choose a man as my companion, and even into a holy union would it be enough or would i be then labeled a "sodomite"? was the use of this words true of the divine or born from the hatred of man?


None could understand his conflict, and struggle, but only those who shared his conviction of righteousness and love for the divinity which is Christ. To those he recited this:

For they that remain their wounds grow deeper and deeper, their dilemma with no end...

For them whom are in conflict grow weaker and weaker and neither side can bring them peace.

For they that remain their hearts grow thinner and thinner, an agony incomparable; their hearts in chains.

With no answer, and a bag filled with fears, and conflict the man seeked peace in his childhood, for it brought the most understanding in his current state for it is written....

Matthew 18:3
And he said: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”