As apposed to aghast and slinking back in amazement and saying little in response to the rediculously hypocritical Repub tactics they use in their media and political campaign to place blame on the victims of their tactics.

Pansy assed reactions from Dems, rather than giving the repubs hell for their tactics is a losing strategy. Dems need to "COME OUT SWINGING" expecially since facts are on their side. Timidity in taking on the far right causes and slinking back when called hater or 'conspiracy theorist for exposing the facts is a losing proposition.

There are major problem our nation is facing and the side causing and promoting te problems are going to win if we don't start using our spines more. Hard topics need to be taken on no matter who or what groups in the far right dislike it, Fuck em !!! Haven't we learned anything from the Bush failures we let happen by acquiescing to their bullshit ? We're letting outside factions and outside money buy too much influence in our elections and its fact, not conspiracy theories.

Who would have dreampt just 10 years ago that we'd have a Dual National openly threatening to spend endless amounts to influence our elections ? This same man Adelson openly supports by word and influence and finances, actions, projects, policies and Politicians in another country that are in complet opposition to our US interests, yet because of loud far right lobby, and religious fanatics drumming up accusations to hush decent, the Dems hold back to their own demise.

What a sad state of affairs.