This is a South Asian Indian perspective on fairness culture and how much as a society can have an impact on a dark skinned guy.
1. First of all we are racist for our own people.
2. Most fair skinned guys consider themselves as royalty. this holds true even if someone is a jobless and a fatty.
3. If there are group of friends, they often pick on the darkest skinned guys and comment on there skin to be a afterburnt skin or comparing them to a crow and make jokes about them. Or if they see a fat or a dark skinned woman walking, then they joke about this dark skinned guy marrying her. As a dark skinned guy, one has to be sportive even if its bothering your self esteem to be casual as friends.
4. Please tune into any North/South Indian televisions, you will find only fairer skinned people. Even when Nawomi Campbell visited India she was stunned by the fact that no dark skinned people were found in "On-screen" but "off-screen"
5. Even now in the south asian cinemas, a hero is often a dark skinned guy who comes from a poor background and the actress happens to be fair, beautiful who comes from a rich background. The hero fantasizes about the actress, runs around singing songs...finally the hero manages the actress to fall in love with him. This is totally different to Bollywood where only fair skinned casts are in cinemas even now!
6. Even when guys/girls settle down for an arranged marriage, their family prepares a list seeking a bride/groom and the first thing that tops is "Fair-skinned"
7. The fairness racial syndrome can be found more in all major cities in India especially in North India. Weather also has to attribute to this as Melanin is more present in people of South India and is found lesser in people from North India.
8. If a guy manages to marry a fair skinned girl, then he is often regarded as lucky.
9. That is why our people go GA-GA for actress like Katrina Kaif since she is a british-indian interracial child.
10. As Oprah once pointed out few years before, fairness is a 100 billion dollar industry in India.
11. Even with two people(one fairer and one lighter) and if either one gets into a fight with another, this dark skinned issue is definitely brought in between the vocal fight to make the dark skinned self esteem way down.
12. But though above all said, this fairness is just a first impression. People are really compassionate. It just that if you are dark skinned, people may not open up to you easily for even a friendly talk, but they are not rude enough not to respond to you if you become the ice breaker.People with talents are regarded everywhere and stand the tide and others definitely respect that. Although they go to the level of praying someone for fairness or consider someone equally to purity or God(trust me, even God enacted by people are often played by fairer skinned people), Real talent is never neglected alteast in places i have seen.