This is how the elites work the system like a pro:

1. Republican Governor of Indiana Mitch Daniels makes $107,000 /year. His term of office is coming to an end.
2. While he was governor, he appointed the entire Board of Trustees to Purdue University.
3. Board of Trustees needs to hire new President of Purdue -- a job which pays $500,000 plus a free house and car.
4. Can you guess who the Daniels-appointed Board hires??
5. Daniels hired as new President of Purdue! Even though he has no experience in higher education.
6. When asked about this obvious conflict of interest, Daniels refuses to answer. When asked why someone with no relevant experience was hired as a University president, Daniels says he's been "a lifelong reader."
Oh, and he "admires" people with experience in academia.

Great going, Mitch!
This man of high integrity was urged by many Republicans to run for President -- another GOP hero to be proud of. icon_rolleyes.gif