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Chief Justice Roberts' Well-Played Move

By Susan Estrich

You have to hand it to the chief justice. He saved the healthcare bill and with it, perhaps, the Supreme Court's reputation as something other than the third branch of a government that is hopelessly divided along party lines.

And he did it in a way that sticks it to the administration by calling it a tax and allowing Mitt Romney (when he's not defending the similar "tax" he passed in Massachusetts) to attack President Obama as another tax-and-spend liberal.

Had the case gone the other way, the court would've found itself squarely in the middle of a presidential campaign because of a decision that would've been deemed pure partisan politics.

The idea of striking down what many view (for better or worse) as the signal accomplishment of the president in the middle of a campaign, with the five Republican appointees outvoting the four Democratic appointees, brings back memories of Bush v. Gore, a low point for the legitimacy of the Supreme Court.

Chief Justice John Roberts' vote might've been more political than those cast by the other eight, but if it was (as I suspect), it was also better politics for the court.

Thanks to the chief justice, the Supreme Court's role in the healthcare debate is over. The justices go off for their summer break having left healthcare reform exactly where it should be: in the hands of voters, legislators, and especially this administration, as a political issue and not a constitutional one.

Now it's up to Obama to do his own politics as well as the chief justice has.

What a joke !!!

Good luck to Obama and the Dems at getting facts out amidst all the disinformation and lies put out their by Big Pharma Corps, Huge Ins Corps, and Billionairs like Adelson whose sole motive is to "make Obama a one term president", all or their interests not for the American Publics interests.