I sit here sobbing my very soul out- His Excellency Charles Chaput has stolen my church from me. After 109 years, Poland has lost its spiritual home in my town of Phoenixville, Pennsylvania They closed my church. Generations upon generations of my family are buried in that holy ground nearby... Christenings, Weddings, Confirmations, Funerals of so many all thrown away because His Excellency, the swine wanted to reshuffle priests around all the while we had full masses and devoutly giving parishioners... But, that wasn't good enough for His Excellency...

The rat bastards in the Archdiocese basically did the closing for one sole reason, they wanted to ethnically cleanse the diocese of any cultural identity. We lost the ability years ago to say the mass in Polish but low and fucking behold the church we are merging with across the street, besides stealing our parking lot, and being filled with fucking Dago WOP bastards and they get to say the fucking mass in fucking Spanish and Italian?!?!

*curls into a ball of sad and rage* They took my church... I hope my ancestors and the ancestors of all the parishioners rise up and revolt.