Ok so this may only be a fantasy but I'm really horny right now so I feel like writing it

At the end of a long hard day I would like to come home to these 3 hot guys that I know (I wont say who they are, I will just refer to them as John, Mike and D) and have a really hot orgy with them.

After getting home I would slip into my fav pjs with this really thin black shirt that feels so good.

After getting all 3 of them naked I would lie down (on my back) on my bed and have Mike and D on either side of me gently caressing and licking my nipples through my shirt while John lies near my head with his crotch near my face. I tilt my head back and to the side so that I can suck his nice cock, savouring and enjoying the taste of it until he cums and i would still leave my mouth on it as he shoots his nice hot load into my mouth.

After he's done, John would sit upright behind me so that I'm lying down on my back with my head in between his legs, Mike and D would take off my shirt and my pants but id still have my boxers on. Next Mike would come up and straddle my chest while D looks on and gently strookes my dick and balls through my boxers, but not making me cum because I still wanna keep my hard on until im done with all 3 of them. Anywayz, Mike would be straddled on my chest with his cock near my face and we would take turns between me jerking him off and him jerking himself off (I would give him a couple of licks and kisses along the way)until he cums and shoots his nice hot load intoo my wide open mouth.

After Mike it would my turnn to get a taste of D's nice dick, Mike would lie to my side and replace D. John would still be sitting behind me with my head between his legs and D would be straddled over my face with his back facing JOhn, he would gently feed his cock in and out of my mouth while John fingers his tight little ass hole, I would also be stroking Mike's hot ass as hes laying next to me while all this is happening. Faster and faster D would feed his cock in and out of my mouth until he finally cums and lets all of it just flow in there and i swallow every last drop.

Ok now this is the part that seems a little dirty, and I would probably make sure that a nice hot shower goes on before all this starts........and forgive me Im just horny and it is a sexual fantasy so dont get all critical and judgemental over it

But yes after I finish sucking D I would take turns rimming all three of these guys, it would turn me on soo much to rim a hot guy let alone 3 of them. I would kiss and tongue fuck them soo much and lick strawberry-cheesecake flavoured lube out of their hot ass cracks .....( fav flavour, yaaa i know......itz a dirty fantasy....but nott reaallly that bad) I would spend close to half hour just running my lips over their sweet cheeks and enjoying the taste of their nice hot asses, even having them slap their butts against my face, I would just bury my face down there until Ive had enough of their hot asses.

Hopefully after that they would be hard again and then it would be my turn to feel good. I would have John lube up his nice dick and lie down, i would slide my ass down on his dick, (he'd probably have to finger me first so that I could get used to his dick) and feel him fuck me from the bottom. Then i would want Mike to straddle over my face and feed his dick to me the same way D did, Mike is the hottest of the 3 which is why Id want 2 tastes of his dick, lolol,...... and then have D down at my crotch and giving me head, and then just before I cum I would want D to pull his mouth away from my dick and push it back so that I cum on my lower abs near my belly button, after John and Mike finush cumming I would have John slide out of my ass and have John and Mike lieing on either side of me and D still at my crotch.

John and Mike would each take a little bit of cum from my lower stomach and rub it on either one of my nipples and lick it up, while D would take some of that cum and rub it on my balls and lick it off.........they would each get a taste of my load the same way that I tasted theirs. lololol (yaa i know a little dirty but wat can I say, itz just a fantasy)

And then after all thats done we would all cuddle up under the covers and go to sleep, and that is the end of my fantasy.

Sorry for the babbling and extreme length, I guess I just needed to ramble a bit...but yess those were my thoughts at this moment in time I hope I didnt offend anyone with this explicit scene, itz just a fantasy, dont get so uptight about it loloolol

Lemme know what you guys thought.....