...This is probably not the appropriate spot to post this BUT: I'm putting on a white toga party for charity in 2 weeks and I REALLY need to buy dj lighting ASAP for a dancefloor in addition to a fogger and black lights and I could really use some advice. It's going to be located at a really nice community center building that can hold about 200 people.

Last year all I used was a Revo4, and while it was decent, I need something more impressive this year. I don't want anything over the top either because it needs to be more on the mobile side.

Which light set would be a step above the revo4? I've been looking at the Chauvet 4, Eliminator Electro 4 Pak Moonflower System, and the LED DMX-512 Moonflower and I can't figure out what I should go with. Has anyone had experience doing events like this?

I want it to be impressive but it isn't necessary for me to put a huge amount of $ into something that won't be used very often.