This is sort of a downer, but some of you have probably been through it.

A year ago my Grandmother dies without a "good-bye" she attempted to give me. She couldn't because my Aunt who use to abuse her mentally and emotionally wanted the cherished items to herself. My mother (the other sibling) was lucky to get any ashes out of it.

Now clearly this is a very moral topic, but what I got out of it was all the cards my grandmother sent me from the time I was 8 years old that I can remember. I also had a few pictures of her. I also have a cuckoo clock she gave me over 10 years ago. So I am not suggesting I feel unlucky.

What really bothers me about this is that I cannot talk to her and tell her all of what happened since she passed and how her best daughter turned out to be the rotten one. I wanted to be there with my Grandmother no matter what when she was really sick and not just pretending to be (or maybe she wasn't pretending).

Doesn't it really suck when someone in your family ruins even a moment that could have been charished for a lifetime takes place and there is nothing to lose, only to gain? Not only is my Aunt and Sister oblivious to what is charished, they are probably collecting a life insurance policy out of it.