The GOP candidate appears to be at odds with his party on what exactly to call the health care mandate.
By Daniel Politi | Posted Monday, July 2, 2012, at 4:29 PM

The White House seemed to get an unlikely ally in its position that the mandate under the health care law is not a tax but a penalty: Mitt Romney. While Republicans have been tripping over themselves in recent days to highlight that the Supreme Court’s ruling said the health care mandate is valid as an exercise in the government’s power to tax, their presidential candidate doesn’t seem to agree, reports the Washington Post.

What may seem as nothing but a “squabble over semantics” really serves to illustrate just how difficult it will be for Romney to follow Republican talking points on health care considering the similarities to the plan he approved when he was governor, points out the Wall Street Journal.

The words would have likely raised eyebrows regardless, but more are paying attention to the issue considering it came after a weekend when Republicans repeated over and over again that even though the health care law is constitutional, it amounts to a tax that will hit middle-class families, points out the New York Times.

Democrats quickly moved to take advantage of Fehrnstrom’s remarks, and the Democratic National Committee had distributed video of the comments within an hour, notes the Hill.

I'm with Romney, Its not a tax,

Further: If anything in the long run all Americans who qualify and take part in this program will save money in the long run, Many Americans will be saving Hundreds of thousands of dollars if they are among the unfortunate who will face debilitating health problems. Even private insurance holders will save money because their INS Providers will no longer have to figure in the costs for the uninsured.

Romney will have a hell of a time selling his "REPEAL" snake oil once Americans learn and see first hand the long term benefits of OBAMACARE. We should all look forward to and push for improving it by inclusion of a PUBLIC OPTION, Which would further cut Insurance costs for everyone.