This is so typical of the republican propaganda machine to be at fault and guilty of what they accuse their aponents of: GET A LOAD OF THIS FROM THE FAR RIGHT CHRISTIAN FUNDI >> WND << ONLINE RAG by Joe Kovacs

Trump: Obama will start Iran war to win election

'We don't negotiate. We don't know how to negotiate'

Donald Trump is again predicting President Obama will start a war with Iran solely to help his chances of getting re-elected this November.

The billionaire developer made his forecast both on the Internet and television Tuesday, initially tweeting: “Just as I predicted, Barack Obama is preparing a possible attack on Iran right before November.”

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He then spoke via phone to Greta Van Susteren of Fox News, confirming: “Yes, I believe that we will end up in a war with Iran because I think Obama views that as politically good for him. … I have said for a year and a half that in the end, somewhere before the election we will end up in a form of war with Iran, and I think he’s doing it for political reasons.

Appearing somewhat incredulous at his sentiment, Van Susteren said, “You’re saying that the president is really thinking about doing the unthinkable for political advantage for himself, taking us to war. I think most people would say that’s beyond, that’s beyond fair.”

Trump responded, “I don’t think it’s beyond. That’s my opinion, and let’s see what happens. I hope that doesn’t happen.”

“What should happen is Iran has to be – despite their bravado – they have to be scared stiff right now because, I mean, they’ve just looked at what’s happened to other countries because we are the most powerful, and what we’ve done to others, whether we should have been there or shouldn’t have been there, is unbelievable. So what should happen is the right person should negotiate a phenomenal deal. Everything. We should get 100 percent of everything. I have predicted that I think it’s not going to go that way. We don’t negotiate. We don’t know how to negotiate.”

Trump personally labeled Obama as a “lousy negotiator,” and insisted progress could be made if the right person were chosen to hold talks with the Islamic republic.

“We have all the cards,” said Trump. “Iran is crazy if they don’t sit down and negotiate because the same thing’s gonna happen to them as happened to Iraq and so many other places. And it’ll be long and nasty, but ultimately it’s the end of Iran as you know it today.”

Trump cited new polls that show Obama struggling in battleground states, increasing the chance of a military conflict with Iran:

“I see the polls that just came out [Tuesday] morning, where he’s actually losing, really for the first time, and he’s losing in swing states most importantly, and he’s losing fairly substantially. Now maybe that’s accurate and maybe it’s not. And polls are often times wrong.”

Anyone who does any reading at all, knows that there are four groups applying all the pressure that they can bring to bare down on Obama to go to war. First and foremost is Israel's Netenyahu and his right arm in the US the Israeli Lobby AIPAC, Second are the left over BUSH NEO CON WAR HAWKS, and Third are the Christian Fund's leading the choir for the first two, because of their fanatic Bible superstitions. there's a fourth, the Military Industrial Complex, They see dollar signs just like with their godamn failed war in Iraq.

The above four are the ones pushing for war over negotiations. How many times have we read of the Israeli's from Netanyahu on down dissing negotiations.

I have to wonder how many of our RJ Conservaposse will fal for this round of Trumps, line of lieing BS?