Sustenance saidIt seems the foundation of arguments here are based on the idea that white people are more accepting of gay people than other cultures are; that is so absurd.

No not at all, I already addressed that above.... among northern European and Northern North American cultures (Southern US and Mexico are more Africanised and Latinised).. say, the more "germanic-scanidinavian cultures" are more accepting of individualism

This means, that in these cultures, sticking out of the crowd, or being a "non-conformist" is considered a positive trait, and is more accepted, thus the idea of being "proud" of one's individuality is commonly seen, and this is something that the gays of these cultures lean on.. not because they are "accepted" as gay, but because they are "different" and that is less frowned upon.

Now in collectivist cultures.. being "different" is not accepted at all. Hence, in collectivist cultures, including African and Mediterranean-based cultures, where homosexuality is not accepted, it is a "double whammy".. hence, more difficult to come out....

Remember that in collectivist cultures which are more accepting of gays, such as indigenous cultures, and hindu-buddhist based cultures, it is less of a problem to no problem at all. It IS a problem in what you call "white" cultures, which are nordic-germanic-scandinavian, but that does not mean it is equally difficult for them to come out, as the culture is accepting of individuality and pride, and thus gays can group themselves under this "banner" of pride...

Gay pride will not exist as such in collectivist cultures... because individuality there is not celebrated... it can either be accepting of gays or not, but gays cannot be "proud" here..

Case in point in my own home island.. one of the, if not the most gay-tolerant island in the Caribbean... when issues of coming out are addressed, usually we do not address individual "pride".. I have never heard the word "pride" uttered among gays coming out there. What is usually addressed is community and family, is idea that if you are gay, and not accepted by your family, the gay community lends you a support group.. you have the opportunity to move from one "collectivity" (that of family) to another one (gay community)

This is another reason why the gay community I know in the islands is much "closer"than the ones I see in Northern North America... we consider each other like an alternative "family" ... rather than our gayness being something we are "proud" of and have to show off, it is something we seek acceptance for within our gay community, and we seek to conform to the new group, the gay group.. whereas in northern north america it is all about becoming "visible" and standing out, with us its more about blending in with the gay community and forming more of a unit... the focus lies differently.