How do you train to gain strength when you have a disability affecting your muscles or your ability to control them?

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    Jul 07, 2012 1:10 PM GMT
    HI I don't know if there are many people, let alone gay men, out there who have neurological or muscular conditions that hinder their attempts to get fit and/or slim. I happen to be one of them and I can tell you its not easy...

    I try and just when I gain some traction my condition (neurological) kicks in and I get sent right back to square one. I seem to be doing slightly better this time round; I'm doing less heavy weight and cardio stuff in one go and living a healthy lifestyle in general i.e. walking she practical (or able) etc.

    My problem however is I ant to start putting some sheen to my body while things are going good but I'm a little lost on how to do this. I can't do things like press-ups and I really can't do too heavy weight on the machines (by this its an embarrassing amount of just 4 lbs max.) this will increase over a period of several months, but I'd like to shape a little more than that, but in a healthy way. I'm following the meal plans set out on here and stuff so I'm losing weight, but I'm not shaping because of the lack of muscular challenge, but I can't afford to go much higher or I'll end up in hospital (again).

    Anybody got a any tricks or any useful advice, the PT's at my gym, bless them for trying, are pretty stumped on how to proceed with me to help me reach my goal.
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    Jul 07, 2012 1:14 PM GMT
    Have you considered working with a Physical Therapist who is also a Personal Trainer?

    Perhaps, with your documented disability, you might be able to have this therapy covered under your health insurance.
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    Jul 07, 2012 5:09 PM GMT
    You're going to need to answer some key questions before we can even attempt to help you:

    • What is the medical name for your neurological condition?
    • What symptoms do you get that are specifically related to exercise?
    • Does this condition limit your range of motion?
    • Does weight bearing exercise aggravate it?
    • Can you do cardio without negative effects?
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    Mar 12, 2013 9:12 AM GMT
    Guys I know it's been like a year and I thank you both for your replies, to which I'll respond to individually, but I've been back in hospital. I'm updating my profile in a little while.

    Gamrican: I'm not entitled to a Physical Therapist through our National Health Service, as I'm not unable to walk? I don't know why that is, stupid if you ask me!? And the Personal Trainers at my private gym are less than helpful.

    Scruffypup: ok so answers to the bullets:

    1. They haven't been able to make a firm diagnosis of it yet, it's been reding nosed four times and is now down as Unidentified Degenerative Neurological Condition.

    2, 3 & 4. In terms of exercise related issues I become fatigued easily, particularly when using my arms (and believe me when you think about it, there's not much you don't use your arms for). I can lift weights, but they're extremely light, so light I haven't found a weight I can lift yet -That's not to say I'm not able, I have managed to lift 7kg but then been rendered ill and in some cases hospitalised. That I've noticed the only limits in range of motion is reaching up to the point of stretching the muscles.

    5. Cardio is a bit difficult to answer. I can do cardio, but the repetitive swinging arm motions when jogging, running or sprinting causes pain. I can't row, as I don't have the dextral strength to hold on to the 'oar.' Cross trainers are problematic for the same reason as running. I can seem to use a bike machine, this far without much issue, other than you can only use a bike for 40 minutes before you're asked to move on in my gym.

    I know that this all sounds unlikely and difficult to try and exercise or lose weight, but I will do it. I appreciate your help and responses too guys.
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    Mar 13, 2013 8:39 PM GMT
    What was your Injury?

    From the sounds of it, it seems like a shoulder problem, but I could be mistaken; being vague isn't helping.

    The more information you post, the better.
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    Mar 16, 2013 9:43 AM GMT

    I haven't had an injury, it's a degenerative neurological condition. I'm not intentionally being vague but the doctors don't know much and don't know what I can tell you that I know.


    Thanks for the reply though