London Rowing Clubs

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    Jul 07, 2012 5:15 PM GMT
    Hi there everyone,

    I am looking for a bit of advice, if anyone could help it would be much appreciated.

    Basically throughout university I rowed and apart from my novice year, have always been in the first VIII squad. I am finishing uni and i would very much like to join a club ideally to row in a regular VIII.

    I am based in North London and don't mind traveling around,
    I am 6'1
    and current 2k is about 6:25, but i can drop that a bit once i start training.

    Although rowing has always seemed a pretty gay friendly sport i just wanted to see if anyone could recommend any clubs which they have heard good things about.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated,



    PS, i know there is a gay London rowing club, but i dont think this is for me, thanks again
  • kew1

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    Jul 15, 2012 8:38 AM GMT
    I think most of the rowing clubs are in the west - between Putney & Kingston, both banks.
    Molesey boat club is probably the best, they've got 7 rowers at the Olympics this year. Bit of a journey from Camden though - Northern line to Waterloo then SW trains to Hampton Court.

    edit, no idea about the gay friendliness of any of the clubs.
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    Jul 15, 2012 2:08 PM GMT
    Hi, the good news is that there is lots of choice and I can't think of a Club that isn't gay friendly. I rowed for three years at Auriol Kensington (Hammersmith) and then six years at London Rowing Club (Putney). I was out at both, and did fairly well at both (top 50 in eights head many times, Henley semi-final once) and you have a better erg score than me :-)

    I stopped competitive rowing 5 years ago but remain involved with both clubs. I think they are both great - although London is a lot more laddish than AK. That said, I know that, Vesta, Thames, Imperial, Furnival, Thames Tradesmen and Tideway Scullers (all on the Putney - Mortlake stretch of river) have had or have gay rowers in the last few years. I don't think you'd have any problem at any of the other clubs in London though (Sons of the Thames, Putney Town, Mortlake Anglian & Alpha or further out Twickenham, Kingston and Molesey).

    More importantly you need to think about what level of rowing you want. The bigger clubs (London, Thames, Tideway Scullers, Molesey) are the most ambitious and succesful. All these clubs will have some kind of squad system and you'll be expected to row in boats other than VIIIs at times but that is true for the smaller clubs too. Do you want rowing to become your life or are you looking to participate more casually? How do you see your work/rowing/social life balance?

    Now Henley is over it is a good time to check out the different clubs. Wander down to their clubhouses, look at the boats, check out the vibe, email Captains/Coaches and go with what you like! I hope it is LRC or AK though ;-)

    Happy to answer any more questions if I can.