What's up with this whole "gay friendly subculture", There are supposed straight men who have girlfriends yet hang around gay men with the intent to use them, a lot of these men tend to dance at gay clubs etc. Like they allow gay men to pay them to worship there muscles and all types of foolishness, yet there are plenty of attractive gay men who are fit and are willing to let you do more than worship there muscles and for free.

I don't know but for me if you say you are straight with a girlfriend, I'm gonna keep it moving until I find someone gay and single. It seems like now you have more straight men dancing at gay clubs than gay. I remember once I was at the gym and a friend of mine saw a particular dancer from a club he frequents working out with his girlfriend, so my friend gave the guy a quick wave and despite him being very friendly in the club with my friend he and his girlfriend gave my friend a scowl and kept walking, he wasn't good enough for a hello, but his money is good enough to go in your g-string icon_eek.gif