Do you like gay porn and pop music? If the answer is yes, then - chances are - The Aikiu's new video is for you. I'm not going to pretend like I have any idea who these guys are. According to their website they hail from Paris and have released a couple of well-received EPs. Obviously tired of waiting for the world to catch on to the magnificence of their sweet electronic sound, they took matters into their own hands and delivered the year's most outrageous video to promote new single "Pieces Of Gold". The song is great but, let's face it, most people are here for the visual aspect. Gay porn (there are no bits on display but this is definitely NSFW) is interspliced with footage of the band performing. It's clever and very, very funny. There really is nothing less sexy than someone's fuck face. So The Aikiu have caught my attention. Looking forward to their next move.

omg this is brilliant. i'm digging this song, not the extreme close-up of the yellow plaque ridden teeth though.