Hi guys, at this moment of the plot I'm a bit desperate and I was wondering if any of you experienced that and successfully dealt with. Every trainer I've met says a different thing, so it's a bit confusing.

I've always had problems with bulking up and I've never had any issues with my stomach. I could eat literally everything I wanted, but it always stayed flat (couldn't get fully ripped abs tho, you can't have everything I suppose). Now it's getting bigger and bigger and I'm running out of options. I want to bulk up, so with my skinny posture I generally need lots of carbs - which is a disaster for the waistline. I can't do much fat burning workout because the only thing I'm burning are my muscles, not the fat. I've ditched sugar, sweets, fastfood etc.a few months ago, and I'm trying to stick to "good" fat. Any dieting / workout suggestions? Thanks.