When I clicked onto the RealJock website for the first time ever during Autumn (or Fall) of 2008, I saw on the "Online Now and Verified" section one particular member who was randomly picked by the database. I clicked on his image and I gasped at this startlingly handsome member as I studied his profile.

In his RJ profile, during those days, he also provided a link to his MySpace page, through which I had the privilege to study and take in for a couple of months - before he eventually switched his profile to private mode at the start of 2009. FierceEyes' Myspace profile was the actual inspiration to build my own (known as "Sauna-Nut") on the same website, (although nowadays I seldom use it and I had considered deleting it altogether.)

As far as I know, FierceEyes is a Chiropractic by profession, having graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractics in St. Jose, California, I believe, either in 2008 or 2009. But according to his own testimony, before Palmer College, he was studying to become a Geneticist at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

Genetics is something I'm fascinated with - just to learn about the vastly complex workings within the nucleus of a cell is certainly spine-tingling in itself. FierceEyes demonstrated his thorough knowledge of this subject here on these message boards: he was one man I could admire. As with the MySpace website, FierceEyes' understanding of genetics was the inspiration for me to get to grips in learning something of it too - and that despite that I was an absolute failure at school. One amazing fact about genetics (at least the layman's version) was how such learning has electrified my faith in Christ, and not demolish such faith, as one might have expected.

If you wish, you can click on this link to see what I am talking about:


FierceEyes was a lovely addition to Real Jock. True enough, I don't think he liked me very much, and yea, that does hurt. But he was one I had a lot of admiration for, and not only his good looks but his knowledge and high level of education was the inspiration need for me to change my life.

I miss you here, FierceEyes. Maybe you are touring Europe at this moment, and cannot access this site. But whatever be will be, I wish you every success in life.