In 1947, the United Nations General Assembly voted, under heavy pressure from the United States, in favor of a partition plan for British Mandate Palestine, without submitting the plan to the people of Palestine to determine their wishes.

Instead of self determination for the people of Palestine, which is mandated in the U.N. charter, this U.N. plan imposed a plan that was opposed by a majority of the people of Palestine, who consisted at the time of approximately 2/3 Arabs and 1/3 Jews. Fighting broke out immediately between Jews and Arabs, and has continued for the last 64 years with no end in sight. At no time has a popular vote been held to determine which form of government the Palestinians desired.

The hard core Zionists basically want all of Palestine ( and really fanatical Zionists want everything west of the Nile river and east of the Persian gulf. )

With the $100 BILLION of U.S. taxpayer supplied military aid Israel has received over the last 30 years, they have military superiority over all of their Arab neighbors combined. While it is unlikely that another large scale expulsion of Arab civilians, ( like in 1948 when over 700,000 civilians were the victims of ethnic cleansing, ) will occur in the near future, the current philosophy of the government of Israel is to make life so unbearable to its non-Jewish citizens that they will voluntarily leave.

If Israel really wanted peace, she would not have rejected Arafat's unconditional acceptance of the last Israeli peace plan made at Taba in late 2000. Since this plan was written by Israelis, it gave Israel very favorable terms; yet still it was rejected because it had allegedly expired. Since when does a viable peace plan expire? The myth of Israeli desire for peace was laid bare for the entire world to see, except in the United States where the mass media does not allow most news stories unfavorable to Israel.

Some of the reasons why a two state solution, in which both sides are satisfied with the outcome, will never occur are:

1. Palestinians will demand the Right of Return for all refugees and their descendants to the homes they owned when they were expelled, and who have been denied returning to their homes at gunpoint. Also they want just compensation for their property which was confiscated by Israel. Israel's 2000 Taba plan, which Arafat unconditionally accepted but Israel rejected, generously offered to let other countries provide compensation, but would have required zero compensation from Israel.

2. Israel will never agree to the Right of Return. The U.N. General Assembly has passed resolutions every year since 1948 asking Israel to obey International Law and allow the return of the refugees who agree to become good citizens, and every year Israel ignores said resolution.

3. Israeli acceptance of the 1947 Partition Resolution included a clause making Jerusalem an International city, but Zionists never intended to honor that clause, just like they never intended to honor the Partition Resolution boundaries for their state. Likewise, Arabs want total control of Jerusalem, since the Muslim religion considers Jerusalem their third most holy city. Israel today controls all of Jerusalem, and is unlike to voluntarily give up any of it. Prime Minister Netanyahu specifically rejects the “Clinton parameters,” and his position is to never give up a square inch of Jerusalem. No country in the world, not even the United States, recognizes Israel's annexation of East Jerusalem.

If Israel truly wants peace, it can start by apologizing for the 1948 expulsions of at least 700,000 civilians and the 1948 massacres such as Deir Yassin.