In the not too distant future you will be able to visit your local gun retailer (Maybe not in California as I'm not sure I can tolerate the place.) and purchase a new 1911A1 style semi-automatic pistol made by GT Guns, Inc.* What I thought was going to be a slow process in obtaining a federal firearms manufacturing license from the Holder justice department turned out to be not much. (I suppose since they are in the gun business they no longer object to them being manufactured.)

The particulars are forged steel frame and slide. Sights on the base model will be tritium night sights. The frame will carry a two slot Picatinny rail. The barrel will be unique to the 1911 model and be hammer forged al la Glock with polygonal rifling. Barrel lengths of 5 and 6 inches will be offered, the latter in a full-length slide.

An aluminum frame model will follow shortly after the introduction of the all steel pistol. It will feature a bull barrel and within the aluminum frame will have a cobalt alloy insert so as your favorite hollow point ammo will feed without failure should you need to stop any unexpected thug.

All pistols will feature the first ever "no need to replace" recoil and mainspring. This is a little technological marvel that came out of R&D many years ago in the textile industry. The pistols will possess a "designed in" tune so calibers such as 10mm Norma and full house 460 Rowland do not degrade the longevity of the pistol. There will be no MIM parts thanks to in-house multi-position Swiss Lathes.

We are in R&D in regards to the finish of the pistol. This work is nearing completion and certain portions of the firearm will be nitro carburized with other portions being coated in a ceramic finish. Each firearm will be stress relieved.

Base retail price is projected to be $850.00. This will vary based upon the point-of-sale location. An online store will be brought up where purchases can be transferred via yo local federal firearms licensee.

GT Guns, Inc. "Lights out, it's a good thing."

* -- Those of you with felony convictions need not apply.