Hi, I know I have asked this before but do you have any suggestions for energy. I leave at 5PM, I get home around 5:45 and am usually working out by 6PM. Halfway through my work out I become zapped. My partner is the same. Half the time he doesn't even finish. I was thinking of drinking a protein shake and some creatine about an hour before I leave work. Do you think that would help? I am always so hungry. That might be why I run out of energy.
Here is my daily routine. At 6:30AM I have a bowl of Kashi and a banana for breakfast. I eat a snack around 9AM. (An apple and some nuts), something like that. For lunch I have a turkey sandwich on whole grain bread with lettuce and light mayo, and a cup of fruit or a salad. I have another snack at around 2 or 3. (Yogurt and a piece of fruit or 5 whole grain fig newtons). On the way home I may have an apple and water. After our workout we have a protein shake. About an hour later we have dinner. All day I am craving sweets. It is really hard to fight. I have had several tests done and all seems normal. Why am I so hungry and have no energy. Help