Democrats have spent months praying for the liberal answer to Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers.

For the super PAC supporting President Barack Obama, there are plenty of potential recruits who can write multimillion-dollar checks — just few who have stepped forward.

With Republican outside groups on course to raise more than $500 million combined for the cycle, the pro-Obama super PAC Priorities USA Action is finding itself badly outgunned. Mega-donors either say privately they’ve been turned off by the White House’s disdain for outside spending, or by the president’s personal aversion to the constant care and feeding of contributors that such high-profile donors demand, a practice that his two most recent predecessors engaged in with flair.

Liberals have made clear publicly that they don’t approve of the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling that has opened the floodgates to unlimited donations, and a number are refusing to open their wallets to fund pro-Democratic outside groups to voice their opposition to the way politics now works. Some have feared giving large sums might attract media attention — names like Adelson, the Kochs and Texas homebuilder Bob Perry have borne that out. Furthermore, many got the signal for nearly a year from the White House to stay away from Priorities, receiving a different message only when it was clear Democrats would be vastly outraised.